Arrangement 1. World Trip Arrangement 
Reception with a sparkling aperitif and a world tour of amuses, menu 't Amsterdammertje with matching wines & mineral water and we conclude with coffee and sweets.
- Price for 5-course: € 180,- p.p. 
- Price for 6-course: € 200,- p.p. 
- Price for 7-course: € 220,- p.p. 

Business Class Menu

A 6-course menu featuring exclusive products for €230,- p.p. (excluding beverages)

Arrangement 2. World Trip including overnight stay* & transfer 
We offer you the opportunity to extend the World Trip Arrangement with an overnight stay including breakfast in Bistrotel 't Amsterdammertje. There is also a transfer ready to take you to our restaurant and we will ensure that you are also brought back. Please reserve the arrangement by email.

- Price for 2 persons 5-course* € 575,- / 4 persons € 1.120,-
*Not available on Friday and Saturday.
- Price for 2 persons 6-course € 615,- / 4 persons € 1.200,-
- Price for 2 persons 7-course € 655,- / 4 persons € 1.280,- 

*Based on hotel room availability.

Stars on the Vecht. 3-day Package
The Vecht has culinary grounds along its banks! This comes together in a wonderful arrangement on the water of this beautiful river and particularly beautiful surroundings.

The contemporary flavors of Chef André Gerrits and Chef Wilco Berends melt together here. Book a culinary weekend now and enjoy the diversity of these 2 Michelin star restaurants and their boutique hotels. Discover the Vecht region by bike or on the water, a nice walk is also possible!

Arrangement Stars on the Vecht
- An overnight stay at Bistrotel ‘t Amsterdammertje in Nieuwersluis
- A 6-course all-in dinner at Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje in Loenen aan de Vecht
- Transport from Bistrotel to ‘t Amsterdammertje
- A breakfast in ‘t Bistrotel
- An overnight stay with the Netherlands in Vreeland
- A 6-course all-in dinner at De Nederlanden in Vreeland
- An extensive breakfast served at the table in the Netherlands
- Use of bicycles
Price per person € 600,-

Exclusive € 1.70 p.p.p.n. tourist tax
Upgrade to an electric bicycle € 30 p.p.p.d.
Upgrade to transport between the two hotels over the water with your Salonboot v.a. € 195,-
Upgrade to a luxury room at the Nederlanden for € 25 per night
Upgrade to a suite at the Nederlanden for €150 per night

Bookable through both locations and subject to availability.

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